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An Exchange is your online marketplace for buying, selling and trading crypto.
We suggest diversifying across multiple exchanges to mitigate risk and access a wider range of coins.

Example Exchanges below (regional restrictions may apply):

Lisa’s go-to platform for technical analysis, and highly recommended if you want to chart coins and watch their progress.

Designed for our Thousand To Millions method but adaptable for most trading strategies. Track and journal your progress.

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These two sites are highly recommended for market insights and information. We use them for fundamental analysis.

The Moon Mag is our FREE monthly magazine highlighting the best of crypto, the latest gems and the informative how-to articles. Get inspired!

Do you know your HODL from your FOMO?

Get clued up with the cryptionary.

Be careful out there! Add a layer of protection with 2 Factor Authentification to secure your online accounts.

The Support Doesn’t Stop Here….

Exchange = Funded 

Trading Mode = Engaged


Now that you’ve got your exchange(s) set up and you’re ready to trade, check out our awesome lineup of products!

Want to try turning a thousand into a million?
The Thousand To Millions method is for you – it’s our compounding strategy with EPIC results.

Check out our most popular package, the Paid Signals subscription, with all the Signals and features including Scalp Signals, HODL Portfolio, Daily Bitcoin Updates and loads more!

And for the ultimate experience, let one of our Auto Trading Bots do the trading for you. Pick and choose from the Thousand To Millions Bot, the LisaBot or why not get the best of both worlds with our Ultimate Package?

So, what’s your crypto vibe – compounding, signals galore, or auto Bot copy trading? See you inside!

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