Lisa N Edwards

Lisa N Edwards is an Elliott wave specialist trader with 20-plus years of experience in traditional stocks, commodities, and now exclusively trading cryptocurrency. She runs and co-owns, and The Moon Mag. While she is primarily focused on EW, she also uses other methods to trade including support and resistance, volume profile, Fibonacci, and various chart indicators.

Lisa is ranked amongst the TOP TRADERS on and has held the Top Position on many occasions. Lisa also has over 120,000 followers on Twitter.

Lisa is widely experienced with previous business ventures such as Satoshi Sisters, Trading Places VIP, D4.Partners and CoinRunners. Outside of trading, Lisa has a flourishing career in the Media and Film industries, with a cryptocurrency screenplay called COINRUNNERS, which she anticipates will be filmed in late 2023/2024.

In The Media


Whilst he still hasn’t perfected the art of facing the camera when having his picture taken, Josh has excelled in other areas of his life. Entrepreneurial in character, he seizes opportunities and creates platforms to help others be self-reliant and achieve their ambitions.

Lisa and Josh have worked together to bring Getting Started In Crypto to the world but they plan on launching more ventures in crypto and film.

Both Lisa and Josh may have ideas to revolutionise industries but they can usually be found giggling about a new coin in the crypto market that has a suggestive name.