Joined for less than 24hrs and already made more profit than the signing up fees(also took profits on the way up). After trading for 5 months and not having SL & money management which cost me a lot of money, I slowly started to understand the importance of them & why lisa have been emphasising it so much on her twitter. Decided that i have a lot more to learn & paid for the premium, and im surprised by how much resources there are in the “library” tab. So eager to slowly read all the books and guides.
We already followed Lisa on Twitter for a while and we love her signals! Last month we (my husband and I) decided to take trading a bit more serious and decided to join the paid signal group. Even in a choppy market I was able to earn our membership back in a couple of days! I really think you CAN become a millionaire by just learning how to trade and following Lisa her signals. Just start and try it for a month and you will see it yourself! Thank you Lisa!
Well, well well... What can I say? Lisa and her team is "la crème de la crème" team, the "A" team and whatever great team they can be. From the "My paid signals" to the "Video library" and information they are great. I started 4 months ago in the crypto with no knowledge whatsoever. Today I am learning from this team and I am continuing to learn, I know so much now and my portfolio grew tremendously. I am grateful to this team, and I hope the team will change your life the way they did to me. Thank you.
In an age where people are always searching for a quick buck or how to get rich quick and there is a plethora of influencers, commentators and shillers who preach they can make you rich quick or teach you how to trade stock, options, CFD's etc. its rare to find someone who genuinely bucks the trend. Lisa Edwards who leads falls into a category where the air is rare, her membership group which preaches money management, education and development gives people real tangible teachings and experience that they can apply themselves. Not only is the education and advice brilliant but she puts her money where mouth is sharing her trades, the good and the bad in real time so people can follow along, I mean how many people own up regularly to losing money on trade. I can't recommend this service enough, it has been a brilliant addition to my news and other crypto subscriptions and is an essential piece for me to ascertain a full 360 view of the market from news, fundamentals and trading.
I've been using Lisa's signal since day one. They more then pay for themselves every month. Her daily updates on bitcoin, etherium and other alts as well as general market updates, weekly zoom calls and youtube shows have been invaluable sources of information in a volatile market like crypto. Takes a lot of the stress and uncertainty out of things and I've also learnt a lot along the way. I now try to ladder in on most of my trades and take profit along the way. Getting started in crypto is amazing.
I am learning so much in 2 weeks, and made my first $100 in the first 3 days of trading, well, $30 to be exact since paid signals cost $69.90. Haha. Profit is still profit, so I am really looking forward to hopefully making our first million. I seriously have no idea what it would feel like to have a million dollars but I am hopeful that you’ll help me get there! I am so excited to be embarking on this journey and so far everyone has been super helpful and generous with education on the Live Chat. I did not know how important it was to have community support, and I am just blown away by all the signal calls and targets being crazy accurate! I literally gaped at candles wicking targets at lighting speed on the 15 min. Being able to have a female mentor in the Crypto space matters so much.
I subscribed to several services in the past for signals, on telegram, WhatsApp, email with different recommended strategies each and with mixed results. All of the previous services I used had different price ranges as well. Not all of them provide you with the exact entry points and proper Stop Losses as Lisa's case. Before joining, I have been following Lisa on Twitter for about 8 months when I started getting into the crypto world. However, it was not till recently that I joined her signals. This last week I am around $300+ and only because Bitcoin has been sideways. My main concern was being able to recover the investment in the service, and I was so wrong... this service could easily be charged 500 usd/month, but it is clear what Lisa's mission is: to educate and to set you free. I also started reading some of the education material she offers additionally, and there's a ton of value. I'm here to learn. Additionally, she constantly updates the status of her signals daily, which clearly show her experience reflected in the % of hits she produces.
I am a relatively new member of GSIC but to describe what it is like; the day I joined the group, Lisa shared a signal which hit %50 profits within 10 hours! I was in with a small wallet to taste the waters and she basically gifted me my subscription fee plus a fancy dinner 😉 It is indeed fun to Be Like Lisa!
I've tried a couple of signal groups in the past, but couldn't get clear, concise guidance on exactly what to do. Lisa gives you clear entry points and where to take profits on OCO orders. Most importantly, she tells you to set stop losses so you don't end up the wrong side of a trade. My first trade with her got me a cheeky 17% profit with DOGE and I'm learning daily on how to trade better. Just as importantly, the community is friendly and Lisa and 1Inch really don't take themselves too seriously - it's funny and fun! I'd recommend Getting Started in Crypto to anyone wanting to understand the fundamentals of trading, or even how to learn scalping and more advanced techniques.
Getting Started in Crypto is not just for those who are "getting started in crypto." I have been in crypto since 2018. I've had some big wins in that time, but even more big losses. After wiping out my account in reckless margin trading I decided it was finally time to establish a healthier and more informed approach to trading so I could hold on to my gains. I tried two other signal groups in the past. This time I wanted more than signals. I wanted someone with the heart of a teacher. I wanted to "learn from" and not just "lean on" someone else. Getting Started in Crypto has helped me take my account from the $20 I had left after wiping myself out to over 100 times that by not just providing me with signals, but also teaching me how to read the charts, how to assess and use proper risk management, and the important principle of patience. Ironically I have paid less for this service and education than I did in those previous groups. Thanks LisaNEdwards and CryptoPlotz....see you on the moon!

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