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We get deep, down and personal with all the projects we investigate and lay out the info in a clear, understandable way.


We cover lots of niches in the market, not just coins. Diversifying your portfolio gives you more chance of catching a winner!


The crypto market moves fast. We have experts scouring the web 24/7 to find hidden gems that could make life changing money.


We've built a trusted network over the years and have Satoshi on speed dial. Just sayin'.


All the content provided for you as part of the Moon Mag has been researched thoroughly and to the best of our ability however it is your choice, and your choice only, whether you wish to invest in any of the projects. We cannot be held responsible for your decisions. We do not provide financial advice. Please DYOR and above all, enjoy the content!

I can't access the Moon Mag?

Before you can enjoy the Moon Mag, you need to unlock it by sharing a status about it on Social Media from the Pop Up above. Click on an icon and help share the love for it to automatically unlock! Still not working? Email us.

Can you guarantee I will make money from this?

Absolutely not. Find us a crystal ball first. We do our best to find you projects that we believe will perform well but it is always your responsibility and decision when it comes to investing your money. We will not be held liable for any losses incurred through our content.

What are your paid signals?

The paid signals is a product we offer for those who are interested in trading coins and making money that way. Read more by clicking Paid Signals in the Menu.

Can we advertise in the Moon Mag?

Yes, we have a huge monthly audience of readers around the world who want to know about you! Please drop us an email here and we will get a reply to you ASAP with a package to suit your budget.

What expertise is behind this?

You can read about Lisa in the About page and you can see the testimonial from Carla above. We also have a team of dedicated people who source the information, research the projects and then lay them out in an easy to read, easy to understand format, just for you.

When can I expect to start making money?

The projects shared within the Moon Mag are projects that have potential meaning it could take time before seeing a return, if any, on your investment. Some projects take off within days....others take a few years, others not at all! Take this into account. This is investing and HODL'ing, not trading.