The Signals

The Signals ($69 a month) started out as chunks of text but now they have been transformed into a visual work of art so that you get all the necessary details at a glance. It also has a live price tracking feature so, at any time, you know whether the coin is in the buy zone or heading towards the targets!! The updates to the Signals are sent via Twitter, email, push notification and via our App in real-time, right when the market moves (so Lisa doesn’t have to wake up at 3am and do an update!).
We have also recently added a new Signals expert to assist Lisa with market analysis and add even more signals around the clock!

The Moon Mag

The Moon Mag ($35 a month) is our monthly magazine focused on finding hidden gems for the HODLers out there and it also contains in-depth articles explaining how certain elements of crypto work. We’ve just launched our 7th issue!

The LisaBot

The LisaBot ($169 a month) is the answer to automatically trading Lisa’s Signals. It does all the heavy lifting of trade placing on Binance, KuCoin and ByBit so all you have to do is oversee the trades (some people even set it up and leave it!).

Crypto Bytes

Our BRAND NEW section on the website, Crypto Bytes, is FREE with every membership! Just like the Signals, you get notified when there is a new Byte which presents some of the best opportunities to make even more crypto.
Airdrops, staking, IDO’s, IGO’s, farming, NFT drops, competitions, many of which you can get in for free and all handpicked for you by experts.

And the rest....

Amongst building the above, we also designed and launched AN APP FOR BOTH APPLE AND ANDROID (yes, with push notifications!), we completely REDESIGNED OUR LIVE CHAT, which now consists of 5 different chat rooms and much more functionality supported by our super helpful experts 24/7, we have been CONSISTENTLY ADDING TO OUR LIBRARY, which is now a super expansive learning centre of knowledge and of course, Lisa still does her WEEKLY WRAP UP EVERY MONDAY, where you can join live to look at the market and ask her any question you wish or request her to chart a coin. We’ve also INTRODUCED AN AFFILIATE PROGRAM so you can make a commission every time someone signs up with your link (and every month they stay a member after that!).


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